Short film





( 2015 )

I have been doing primarily photography full-time for almost 2 years and it's been beautiful. I'm exploring new ways to communicate emotions, use light, and build stronger compositions. However, I've needed a challenge, photography is no longer enough for me. On a recent trip to Chicago, I filmed friends (old and new) in different environments. I directed them doing different things that are natural to my style of photography. When I came home to NYC, I sat with the footage for a couple weeks and didn't put any thought into it until I started playing the idea of a narrative. Listening to different genres of music also played part in how the piece looks, very slow, dark and moody. There was no direction other than I knew that I wanted someone to be speaking over a moving picture and that I wanted it to all be in slow motion. I chose the speaking piece because of it's relevance to the visual and our time in society. Reaching into the past and bringing that to the present. Once I started to narrow down the mood I wanted to communicate, the process of editing and grading slowly started to take form. Please enjoy my first narrative, Genesis.

Shot on location in Chicago, IL